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Running Injury Prevention Clinic
Program Objectives
An estimated 65% of all runners experience running related injuries each year. Many of these injuries can be caused by poor biomechanics, strength and/or flexibility.
Running Injury Prevention Clinic is designed to help all runners, whether a novice or seasoned athlete, to learn how to reduce pain, boost performance and prevent future injury while running. Research shows modifying how a person runs (gait retraining) can decrease loading and stress to feet, legs, hips, knees and spine.
We perform a state of art assessment comprising:
  • Video analysis of your running/walking mechanics (CD ROM included).
  • Individual functional strength and flexibility screening.
  • Education on exercises & recommendations on how to improve your running form.
  • Footwear assessment and recommendations.
What to expect
Out goal is to help you avoid injury, increase performance and reduce any pain so that running becomes and remains enjoyable. During your visit, we will provide you with the following:
  • A CD with detailed notes.
  • Stretches, exercises and drills to perform at home if needed.
  • Gait/Run retraining tips.
  • Shoe analysis and footwear recommendations.
Additional Details
Running Injury Prevention Clinic is a self-pay clinic (not covered by insurance). The cost for an assessment is $100.
Appointments are available Saturdays 9am-1pm. To register or for more information please contact us.
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