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Nike Golf 360 Functional Performance System
Program Objectives
Nike Golf 360 Functional Performance System (NG360 FPS) is a scientific process of analysis and training to enhance the athleticism and performance of golfers at all skill levels. The continuous goal of NG360 FPS is to increase competency, confidence, and credibility in order to maximize your potential. NG360 is a holistic approach to improving golfers’ performance through physical evaluation and training.
The golf swing is a complex movement. Deficiencies in flexibility, strength, or balance, anywhere in the body, will result in an ineffective and inefficient swing. Without proper strength, a golfer can never achieve balance, power or endurance. Strength provides the building blocks for a great swing, but only if it is dynamic. It is essential that deficiencies be identified and resolved so that each golfer can maximize their full potential and enjoyment of the sport.
NG360 helps players improve their game through strengthening and conditioning.The ability to move the arms while the legs provide dynamic support is essential for golf. Exercises like alternating dumbbell lifts from shoulder to overhead in each of 6 directions while standing on one leg help with strength development.
Analysis & Training
Effective and efficient analysis leads to effective and efficient training. In NG360 FPS, the test is the exercise, and the exercise is the test. NG360 FPS is a Three Dimensional (3D) Performance Analysis andTraining program that deliversconsistent improvement ofgolf-specific athleticism and performance. The NG360 FPS program platform includes:
3D FPS Analysis
  • 3D swing analysis
  • 3D transformational zone analysis
  • 3D mostability analysis
3D FPS Training
  • 3D flexibility/mobility training
  • 3D stability/balance training
  • 3D strength/power training
  • 3D speed/reaction training
  • 3D agility/coordination training
  • 3D fundamentals/skills training
  • 3D endurance/sustainability training
  • 3D resiliency/adaptability training
  • 3D recovery/restoration training
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