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Program Objectives

Aquatic Physiotherapy is a therapeutic treatment that involves movement and exercising in warm water by effectively using the properties of buoyancy and resistance to achieve specific therapeutic goals. There are several benefits associated with Aquatic Physiotherapy including:

  • Relief of Pain
  • Improved circulation
  • Reduction of muscle tone and spasm
  • Improved muscle strength and power
  • Improved joint range of movement
  • Improve gait pattern
  • Improve balance and coordination
Individualized Treatment

Our team involves a physical therapist and a physical therapy assistant. Our goal-directed evaluation team conducts a comprehensive evaluation on each patient to determine effective rehabilitation objectives. From this evaluation, an individually tailored care plan is developed.

Think of it as an aquatic therapy pool for one. You sit or stand in the HydroTrack to perform specific movements and exercises prescribed for you. With HydroTrack, you have the privacy of an individual aquatic therapy unit customized for your exact needs.

Is HydroTrack right for you? It is ideal for:

  • Chronic back or degenerative arthritis pain.
  • Injury rehabilitation physical therapy – Especially knee, hip, shoulder, back injuries and other injuries that require non or partial weight-bearing exercises.
  • Aquatic sports performance training – For pre-season training and low-impact conditioning throughout the season.
  • Post-surgical recovery, especially after knee, hip, shoulder and back surgery.
State-Of-The-Art Technology

Our Center is equipped with a State-of-the-Art device - the HydroTrack Underwater Treadmill. The Hydro Track™ offers benefits that a traditional pool-based therapy can provide along with an ambulatory and varied weight-bearing environment for each patient. It permits the physical therapist to progress the rehabilitation program using variable water levels, variable treadmill speeds and durations to increase patient exercise dose while providing a safe and an early weight bearing environment.

HydroTrack features:
  • Precise temperature control.
  • Water level adjustment depending on your size and the exercises being performed.
  • Reversible treadmill.
  • Jets to create water resistance.
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