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Center of Physical Rehabilitation

The Centre of Physical Rehabilitation (CPR) is a privately owned physical therapy facility. CPR provides the highest quality of care to our clients and is known for the most advanced rehabilitation approaches in the industry.

The highest quality of care is achieved by a combination of several values such as respect for the client and a multifaceted approach of the treatments.

Our clients will first be individualized by a one on one treatment plan that is custom tailored for the client by a specialized physical therapist. Second, the client's treatment plan will include the most advanced and sophisticated methods and techniques used in the industry today. Third, our clients will be treated only by a holistic approach, and by the same physical therapist throughout the course of their treatment.

The Centre of Physical Rehabilitation specializes in enhancing our client's physical wellness through twenty-five years of experience in manual therapy techniques and state of the art equipment. The Centre of Physical Rehabilitation is a license and certified facility by the Texas State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners.

Our staff is experience and knowledgeable in performing quality health care services that create life changing results for our clients. Our service goal is a better quality of life for every client we care for.

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